Who in the world would not want to have their hands on all sorts of dates, right? Why do we go through the trouble of cultivating our own from scratch when we can buy them already made up in bulk from a wholesaler? It seems that there’s some kind of mystic about fresh dates. They say that eating dates is like tasting a sweet, fresh, and very healthy fruit – and it’s true. The good news is that dates are available in a number of different forms: in their dried form as well as in their semi-dried form, in powder form, in paste form, and in the form of jelly.

For starters, let’s look at the dried form. dates are an excellent source of dietary fiber and a great source of anti-oxidants. They are also very low in calories and low in fat. So even if you are trying to lose weight, you should give yourself a healthy serving of dates twice a day. Dates are also a good source of vitamin A, which comes in very useful when you’re trying to fight off certain diseases, such as cancer, and also for boosting your immune system.

Speaking of anti-oxidants, dates are loaded with them! One ounce of dates contains over thirty milligrams of the highly-available vitamin A, which is essential for staying healthy and combating disease. Other sources of vitamin A include spinach, liver, apricots, carrots, cantaloupe and other fruits and vegetables. But don’t forget – just about any kind of fruit, vegetable, meat, or dairy products will provide enough vitamin A for you to be able to absorb it properly. That’s why it’s important to buy dates from reputable dates wholesalers who can assure you that the dates you’re buying are pure, 100% vitamin A-rich dates. (This is something that you can verify by asking the wholesaler to show you certificates showing that the dates they’re selling are certified dates.)

Date sugar is also beneficial for you. Unlike refined sugar, dates aren’t fattening, as they contain natural sweetness. This means that you won’t feel deprived or suffer through unwanted cravings during meal times. In fact, you’ll find that you can enjoy more meals in a sitting than with other forms of sugar.

Of course, organic dates aren’t the only thing that you can get from reliable dates wholesalers. You also have to be sure that they’re not processed or preserved using chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors. Organic dates are safer than their non-organic counterparts, because they still retain most of their natural nutrients and are free from unnatural substances. For instance, nothing goes into the dates to make them sweet – they’re naturally sweet just like every other date. The only thing that’s different nowadays is that they’re organically grown in controlled environments.

It’s also important to choose your dates carefully. There are many different kinds of dates available, and there’s a pretty big difference between them. For example, brown dates come from Africa, and they’re about a dozen times sweeter than white dates. Asian dates are even better – they have less fructose than any other type of date, making them healthier and more nutritious for you. White dates, on the other hand, have more fructose and fewer nutrients – so be aware of which date you buy.

Many of the dates that you buy today come unopened, so you have to take that into consideration. This means that you might not be able to read the ingredients, or you might not know what exactly is in each date. Try to look for reputable suppliers who can provide you with an ingredient list. Also, look for high-quality packaging – if the dates come in a plastic container, it’s likely that the wholesaler uses quality packing materials. Finally, it’s helpful if the company has a toll free number to help you reach them.

When you’re buying dates, there’s also a few things to think about when it comes to preservation methods. If you’re buying bulk dates, then you need to know how to preserve them so that they retain their freshness for as long as possible. Many sellers will seal dates in a plastic container with a silica gel so that they’re ready to go at room temperature. You may also consider buying sealed dates if you’re buying bulk dates – again, there’s nothing wrong with this, but if you want to eat them right away, then it’s probably a good idea to keep them sealed and in the original plastic wrapper. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to be an expert in the field – if you have no experience in dates, it’s still a good idea to ask the supplier how to preserve them so that you know how to eat them safely.

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