The Piarom date palm is a large, hard, dry skin, black-red semi-drying date which is considered to be the best tasting of all dry date varieties worldwide. It was considered as one of the four distinctive types of Iranian dates. The best quality Piarom dates come from the Hormozgan province and are harvested in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains. Some Piarom dating are also grown in other areas of Iran such as Kashan. The main varieties of Piarom dates from Hormozgan province are:

– Harman. This type of Piarom dates is found in different parts of Iran with the highest amount being harvested in Kashan. It has a brownish red color, rich source of edible oil and very good taste. These Piarom dates also go by different names such as Qalii and Qal’at. The best quality Qalii Piarom is harvested only during the months of January and February.

– Shiraz. These Piarom dates from Iran are considered to be a low-quality Piarom due to its high amount of seeds. It has a light yellow color and is commonly cultivated in areas around Kashan. These Piarom dates form the main ingredient of the popular Iranian dumplings, such as Barbaque. As of now, Iran is the only country to export this Piarom variety on an international market.

– Kadhai. The most expensive variety among the Piarom dates from Iran, these have a brownish black color and are commonly cultivated in areas around Kashan, Iran’s capital. These dates are harvested in the month of August and September. Iran’s Kadhai region is considered to be the richest area of Piarom dates with hundreds of thousands of traders dealing in this product daily. The Kadhai Piarom Date is highly regarded in the world of pre-dates as it is considered to be a perfect substitute for Persian Basmala. In addition to that, it has a higher rate of success when compared to other types of dates.

– Hajiabad. Hajiabad is an important center for Piarom dating and is well known for the delicious semi-dried fruit. These fruits are known for their firm texture and delicious taste. They make excellent snack food and are great in desserts. They are one of the most expensive dates in Iran and are easily available in stores in various cities of Iran such as Kashan and Ahabad.

– Hajiabd. Hajiabd is another famous producer of Piarom dates in Iran. It is located in Kashan. Hajiabd usually makes use of date wood from the Qashqai region of Iran and then processes them into the different forms of Piarom. Due to its fame, Hajiabd offers the best quality Piarom at the most affordable price.

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