Ajwa dates are a highly sought after type of date, which is a very traditional as well as a modern way to celebrate ones love. It is believed that the origin of this date is from India, although there have been many other countries which have used this particular date for festivities and different reasons. It is said that it was developed in the 15th century BC by a king of Ajmer (Maharaja Raja Sarwal) who was known as the “king of spices”. This king was so renowned for the great trade he had conducted with the people of his land, that the people called him King Ajwal.

The Ajwa Dessert dates are considered to be one of the finest and rarest of all the dates available in the market today. It is considered to have brown shades of golden brown and hence is easily recognized by its distinctive golden brown color. One of the reasons why this date is so special is that it is the only type of dessert date which has its origins in India. While the fruit of the date is easily recognizable, it is also known as the ‘raja’ variety and hence dates are known as the ‘raja’ dates. The fruit of the date is juicy and it is a good medium of preservation of food.

Ajwa dates makers are the best people to whom one can entrusted for purchasing such a precious and hard to find item, as the makers will provide fresh and dry fruits, which are flawless and of exceptional quality. There are many Ajwa date suppliers as well, who are specialized and experienced in the field of manufacturing such dates. They are well known for their years of experience and they ensure to meet the deadlines which are given by the customers. If one goes online, then he can get many choices of dates available for purchase and if one is not able to make a decision then he can also check out the various catalogues that are available over the Internet. These catalogues will help one in knowing more about the date, its processing methods, and the varieties available which will surely make it easier for one to choose an item that will be apt according to his requirement.

There are varieties of dates available in the market as well. Some of these dates are semi-ripened, while some others are hard and hardy. They are all made from different varieties of fruits, but they are all unique in their own way. The hardy varieties of dates are used to produce the hardy white dates which are famous among the buyers of Indian foods. The hardy varieties of dates are popular worldwide and they have become one of the most popular products amongst the buyers of international cuisines.

The renowned Ajwa dates suppliers are well known for their availability of heavy fruits in a perfect condition. There are some suppliers who will even ensure the freshness of the fruits while some others will even try their best to ensure that the fruit is not damaged during transportation. In case there is a defect in the shipment of the fruit from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse or from the warehouse to the store, then the client will have to bear the whole loss. It is therefore important to check on the reliability and dependability of the dates suppliers before placing an order.

Many of the fruits from the Ajwa range have undergone processing and are specially processed so that they retain the quality and taste. These fruits are available in varieties like the normal white dates, the dark dates, the cracked dates, the short grains etc. The quality and taste of every variety vary from one another and therefore you need to choose your dates carefully to get the desired result. You can select any variety of Ajwa from the various ranges of dates suppliers to make your loved ones happy by taking care of their health.

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